[Wine] Re: *Is In Need Of Some Help*

forthelulz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 21 01:25:57 CDT 2011

Rubaonti wrote:
> doh123 wrote:
> > I have a feeling it might not be too hard to get working unless they put some mega DRM in there... this is what I found for the minimum system requirements... on the download page (http://www.mayngames.com/games/download/xen)
> > 
> > OS: Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista
> > CPU: Intel P3 800MHz or AMD CPU of the same capacity
> > RAM: 512MB
> > Graphics: OpenGL VGA (above 32MB video Memory)
> > DirectX: 9.0c
> The game lets you choose between DirectX or OpenGL, but there's some error when I try to use DirectX(though windows users were having the same problems so it's not wine). So I switched it to OpenGL and the "3D" images or effects look all altered... Is it because I need to update OpenGL? If you know how to do it, please tell me!

Okay. No offense but I find people like you incredibly annoying. You come on to a forum without doing any self-help (i.e. type you problem into google) and you scream for someone to spoon feed you info? Then when people ask you to elaborate - more whining. 

Your problem is that you need to get a fucken PC bro. You will continue to have problems with games and other open-source apps because no one uses f-ing macs! Get a pc, load windows 7, and all your problems will be solved. Then you can play the Sims or whatever. But Wine tends to be unstable and if your not willing troubleshoot on your own...save yourself hours of grief. Dump your mactard.

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