[Wine] Re: Can Wine open an actual file system shared through a Vm?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 26 23:11:19 CDT 2011

zath13  This is a new take on a old issue.

SpawnHappyJake that warning is a little light.  Most people don't fully understand it.

Simple fact when most windows programs install they create registry entries.  Wine does not read MS registry files at all.  Result is upset windows programs. 

Ok in testing and in some appdb enteries they will have notes they copied from a windows install to Linux.  But this is more the exception to the rule not the normal.  Ie the normal application not install just run it breaks because it does not have its registry keys.   This is why registery cleaners can be so much a problem under windows.

Also I have to pick up people from time to time and break the bad news that if you set WINEPREFIX to windows location windows dies and have to be reinstalled.

So bad news any program you want to use in wine must be installed into wine or be designed portable.  If designed portable still needs to be on ext3/4 or btrfs or some other Linux file system that fully works.

Now if you were just wanting to mount and access data files like word docs.   That is possible.  qemu-nbd is another way to mount the image it supports a broader range of images to the vmware solution.

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