[Wine] Re: Wine + PowerBuilder + Sybase ODBC

japegamx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 28 09:20:31 CDT 2011

Thanks a lot. I will try that RegShot, it looks very insteresting.

Actually, I have solved the problem. But it's kind of tricky. I found  that some libraries of the PC that works, in the system32 directory has a diferent size, especially on the odbc libraries.

Lets call "PC1" to the machine that works, and "PC2" the machine that doesn't.

I saw that the odbc32.dll library on the PC1 has 1,040 kb and the same file on the PC2 has only 244 kb. Then, I copied some libraries from PC1 to PC2: odbcint.dll, odbccp32.dll, odbc32.dll and dblgen9.dll. And that's it, the application works. I ignore the diference between this two files, I mean, internally, but it works. The odbc32.dll with 1,040 kb, is the Wine default file and the other one is from a Windows XP machine, where the application works fine. I'm not sure if the application works copying only the odbc32.dll library.

I looked on this kind of libraries because the error on the Wine application says that doesn't find the odbc data source. It was a hunch.


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