[Wine] New winetricks 20110629: updated flash, firefox. New verbs firefox35, firefox36, sims3_gen

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Jun 30 00:20:49 CDT 2011

Another day, another winetricks release. (Release early, release often!)

Adobe went and updated flash (today?), so I've updated winetricks to match.
(It's really time to make winetricks not need an update every time
flash is updated...)

I also added a firefox35 verb because it's the last major release that
worked with flash in wine.
To install firefox with flash and shockwave, do e.g.
   winetricks firefox35 prefix=firefox35 flash shockwave

Download url:
d5cb434d7f3f3a2a451c71a42ca0ce66ceca2f51  winetricks
11b09bc4137dc4cd78806631dcca465002a2dd0a  winetricks-20110629.tgz

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Changes since 20110628:

Dan Kegel:
firefox3: now just an alias for firefox35.
firefox35: new verb added because it's the last version that worked
with flash etc.
flash: updated yet again.
dotnet11sp1: add note about failed install check

Trevor Johnson:
firefox36: renamed from firefox3, updated to latest.
firefox: updated to firefox5.

Austin English:
new game sims3_gen - The Sims 3: Generations Expansion Pack (drm broken on Wine)

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