[Wine] Re: CadStd Access Violation Problem

Alan_H wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 1 00:01:06 CST 2011

Hi again,

re the Pastebin suggestion:  the raw file is 2.8MB and pastebin has a limit of 1MB.  Perhaps I could attach the tarball (133k) to a private e-mail?  You could forward it to others who are interested.

Alternately I could edit or try to shorten the file by selecting different arguments and running it again.  In that case I'd need to know what arguments you would like me to use for winedebug.  If I try to edit it it would be unwise to assume I wouldn't trim needed data inadvertently.

In the interest of respecting your privacy I thought I'd better ask before sending anything (using the private message option at left).  Sorry for any hassle.


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