[Wine] Can I play a game as soon as it's released?

Morten Kleven sjokkoladekakenektar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 05:30:09 CST 2011

As of today Linux isn't THE gaming platform. but if you have a descent
computer with nvidia gfx-card 7800 or newer, Half Life 2 based games should
work pretty well. I actually experienced World of Warcraft to be faster on
ubuntu than on Windows Vista on my laptop. Keep in mind that windows games
are for windows but that they could work well in wine in some cases.

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 11:47 AM, RasBas <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:

> Well my pc is quite good - not awesome, though.
> I was broke when I bought it, and to save money I was stupid enough to save
> them on the hard drive, so I only have 250 GB on it.
> A partition may be the option, but I was hoping I cut go 100 % Ubuntu.
> But I wasn't expecting a lowsier perfomance on games? I was expecting
> work/work with bugs/doesn't work?
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