[Wine] Re: tbx player and asymgrid.vbx

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 1 07:59:15 CST 2011

aasdelat wrote:
> DanKegel, the link is broken and I can't access it. Would you paste it again?. Thank you.

That link works fine here. As for that file being "similar," I think Dan just means that it also requires asymgrid.vbx, which according to the instructions on that site seems to be a DOS/Windows 3.1 thing that doesn't work in NT or later. So try setting your Windows version to something pre-NT. You may also need to install DOSBox, and if that's the case, you will have to upgrade to the latest development release to use Wine with it because DOSBox support was only added in 1.3.12 and is not in the stable branch.

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