[Wine] Re: Can I play a game as soon as it's released?

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 1 11:52:09 CST 2011

RasBas wrote:
> aww shoot!
> Well I may have to reconsider the partition solution once again, it seems.
> I looked up the words 'opengl game, and found this game list:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_OpenGL_programs
> It says among other tings, that Portal 2 in the Mac-version i OpenGL:
> "Portal 2 (Mac OS X version) (upcoming)"
> Does this then mean, that if I would want to run Portal 2 on my Ubuntu computer, then I should buy the mac-version?!
> (And seriously, how weird is it, that it's the Mac version that's the most open-source?!)
> Btw - sorry for my newbieness, I am just hopelessly in love with the open-source concept, and so utterly tired of both Win and Mac - so I am  just trying to learn about the alternative's possibilities.

The Mac version of Portal 2 will only run on Macs... not Linux.  Mac OS X is not Linux.

Portal 2 like all source games are really made for DirectX.  Source engine games have a serious downgrade in performance on Macs, and its not because of OpenGL, but because Source isn't truly native OpenGL.  Its sort of like Wine in a way where there is a bit of DirectX->OpenGL changing going on.  Actually some of the Windows versions run in Wine just as fast as the native Mac versions on the same computer.

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