[Wine] wine-1.3.14 working on Solaris 11 Express

Kazuyuki Sato kazus at sunfish.suginami.tokyo.jp
Wed Mar 2 02:01:51 CST 2011


vitamin wrote:
> Most 32-bit windows programs (those compiled without LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag) can only deal with lover 2GB of memory. Wine reserves this memory to force all system libraries to be loaded into upper 2GB.
> If you remove this commit your program can run out of space. Or in some cases won't even start.

Thank you for the explanation. 

Moreover, it had already been files in bugzilla. 
It apologizes for investigation shortage. 

	Bug 22033 - World of Warcraft Crashes on startup (due to broken Solaris malloc())

It is written as a comment, and there are choices of using libumem, too. 

	$ env LD_PRELOAD=libumem.so UMEM_OPTIONS=backend=mmap wine ...

In this method, I want to see the appearance. 

Kazuyuki Sato

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