[Wine] Re: CadStd Access Violation Problem

Alan_H wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 2 17:21:31 CST 2011

Re posting the tarball:  I haven't tried, but...

Good news.  I updated my version of Wine to 1.3 beta and it appears to have cleared the problem on CadStd.  It works, at least in regard to the old problem.  I haven't exercised it apart from trying the control that raised the problem.

That still leaves me with the problem on FutureTax (www.futuretax.ca) as it now hangs with a unsupported operation error when I try to load an existing file.  Strategically it would be more productive to try to clear the FT error than to get CadStd working under the old version of Wine.  See my post above (Feb 28 2011 9:41) if this doesn't make sense.

Thanks for the help to both James and perryh.  The support has been great!  Sorry for misdirecting any effort.

Now that I know how to do it I'll try to get some debug info on the FutureTax problem, and post any findings under a thread linked to that program.  Thanks again for the help here.


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