[Wine] Re: Command Line Arguments

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 3 20:20:11 CST 2011

doh123 wrote:
> looks like your quoting the whole line as 1 argument instead of quoting each part separately.

also... stupidly hit submit by mistake...

Wine.app might not be handling events correctly to pass that info along, you'd have to ask Mike.

If you want to make a port of the app with file associations in the finished one where you can just double click them in Finder and have the whole app start and open them... I have support for that in Wineskin (http://wineskin.doh123.com/).  I focus on making finished apps work as much like a native app as I can... and file associations are working fine... I think I covered how to set it up right in the Manual.  Its much nicer than having to launch in Terminal.

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