[Wine] Re: Future Tax Regression

Alan_H wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 4 17:36:36 CST 2011

In an attempt to resolve the difficulty indicated in my previous post I completely removed wine-git and started from scratch (setting up the regression software again).  All seemed to go well until I tried to "make" again, after using "git bisect bad" after the first run.  The following is the result.

> alan at Ubuntu:~/wine-git$ git bisect bad
> The merge base 36def4af0ca85a1d0e66b5207056775bcb3b09ff is bad.
> This means the bug has been fixed between 36def4af0ca85a1d0e66b5207056775bcb3b09ff and [30815a50ed6a1b7ede26a1f0685bf687bf56e0ed].
> alan at Ubuntu:~/wine-git$ make
> make: *** No rule to make target `Make.vars.in', needed by `Makefile'.  Stop.
> alan at Ubuntu:~/wine-git$ cd ..
> alan at Ubuntu:~$ cd wine-git
> alan at Ubuntu:~/wine-git$ 

As you can see the "make" wouldn't run.  Without it I can't cycle the regression bisection, and thus narrow the range of the fault any farther.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed would be welcome.  I'll have to abandon the regression isolation if I can't get past this problem.


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