[Wine] Re: Page fault issue, need help

Vilem Otte wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 6 08:21:02 CST 2011

Okay, you can close it :) I did have to reinstall whole fglrx (that was causing the issue) - and install GPU drivers by hand.

Maybe someone can write it on bugs page (or whatever) - page fault 0x00000014 at address 0x7a6a8a4e is not caused by wine, neither by application. It is caused by some bug inside FireGL drivers. It took me almost day to figure out, so anyone else experiencing this bug could save his time.

I still have some graphics issues, but game runs (there are invisible trees if I get closer, just 2D billboards visible; there are no bodies visible - just weapons, hair, eyeballs and teeths+inner mouth). I think I'll try some body-mod to fix the bodies, but I have no idea how to fix trees (although I think it will be related to GLSL shaders ... and almighty AMD vs. OpenGL fighting) :? umph...

Btw. to all readers, thank you for your time reading this, even though that no one of you answered.

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