[Wine] Re: Managing WINEPREFIXES

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 6 12:38:30 CST 2011

ischou wrote:
> Is there some command or file I can use to determine the version of wine that a particular WINEPREFIX was created with?

The only way is to do it the same way Wine does it - using ~/.wine/.update-timestamp, which contains epoc time of when last time wine.inf was modified.

Or you can put "disable" into that file disabling Wine from updating wineprefix automatically.

Or make a shell wrapper for Wine that will do this check for you. But this will need either table mapping update-timestamp times to versions or an extra file created by you. Something like (not tested but should work):

VER=$(cat $WINEPREFIX/.version)

#Directory with all Wine versions you have
/usr/local/wine/$VER/wine $@

It depends on wineprefix having ".version" file with the version of Wine you want to use this prefix with. You can create it on first run of this script with an extra option for example.

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