[Wine] USB support in wine

Fred fred at blakemfg.com
Sun Mar 6 13:46:07 CST 2011


I need to buy an expensive logic device programmer which uses USB or 
will operate stand alone with a CF card programmed by a PC running 
Windows.  The user software installed and appears to run ok with 
wine-1.3.6 on FreeBSD 8.1.  I need to be able to determine that USB will 
work before buying the programmer as they might not let me return it.

Based on Mr. Morozov's post "USB device support in wine", I am not able 
to determine what I have to do.  Apparently, I need to copy some data 
from a Windows registry but I do not have access to Windows.  wine-1.3.6 
does not have a HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum entry.  Does this 
mean it was compiled without any USB support or am I to add the Enum 
etc. entries?

To use the comm & lpt devices under wine a link needs to be made to the 
Unix devices.  How does wine know the name of the Unix USB device?  I 
have not seen any reference to a link that needs to be manually made.

What do I need to do to set up USB before buying the programmer?

Best regards,

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