[Wine] Final Fantasy 14(xiv) not working on OSX with 1.3.14

ryutenchi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 6 19:52:40 CST 2011


I noticed recently on the appdb that FFXIV had a silver rating and that most that reported seemed to be able to get it to work, just had to work for it. 

I started a new prefix. Used winetricks to install xact, ie8, winhttp, wininet and directx9. This got it installed and patched, but when the login screen came up it didn't display any of the image, but I could login. However, on the next page none of the images came up and there wasn't even a place to click for the "Play" button.  So I looked around and noticed someone mentioned some regedits from pylotro. One for "fakenet11" and one for "directx3d"  and since my issue wasn't with dx, but with http display/communication I just did the fakenet11 one:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v1.1.4322]


That fixed the images not showing up, but now when I click login nothing happens. With WINEDEBUG=+wininet,+winhttp I get this when I click:

fixme:mshtml:nsURI_GetAsciiHost Use Uri_PUNYCODE_IDN_HOST flag
0[1845b8]: file javascript:ctrEvent('mainForm','Submit'), line 1: ReferenceError: ctrEvent is not defined

that regedit is the only change I remember making. Any help? I'm welling to scrap what I've done, just don't know which steps I'm missing/doing wrong.  
Thanks in advance!

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