[Wine] Re: Final Fantasy 14(xiv) not working on OSX with 1.3.14

ryutenchi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 6 22:39:06 CST 2011

Just it with just a stock prefix and it got held up on the version check(pre-patching). 

with winhttp it'll get to the login(with images), but wont login.
got a bunch of traces for wininet, so installed it too and..
now I then I got:

fixme:mshtml:nsURI_GetAsciiHost Use Uri_PUNYCODE_IDN_HOST flag
fixme:mshtml:nsURI_GetAsciiHost Use Uri_PUNYCODE_IDN_HOST flag
0[184658]: file javascript:ctrEvent('mainForm','Submit'), line 1: ReferenceError: ctrEvent is not defined

when I click login.

install ie7 and it crashes at login.
install ie8 and the login is all weird looking, but I get past the login and play works! I get to the start menu (which looks monochrome) and then it crashes on load of character screen(looks like dx errors).

tried to load dx9_36 and then it crashed on load of the login screen. 
so now I'm scraping and starting back over lol.

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