[Wine] Re: No sound with alsa and Nvidia HDMI

AnttiJalava wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 7 12:24:33 CST 2011

Ok, I managed to get wine recognize the card and probably even get some nice stereo output. winecfg tries to output mono sound which fails if not using the stereo plug (i.e. using hw:0,3 instead of stereo).

I had to modify wine registry to force correct alsa device and to add a stereo plug device to .asoudrc.

new .asoundrc-device addition (my output device is hw:0,3):

pcm.stereo {
   type plug
   slave {
     pcm { type hw  card 0  device 3  subdevice 0 }
     channels 2

registry-additions in HKEY_CURRENT_USER:
following strings under (I had to create the Alsa Driver key)
/Software/Wine/Alsa Driver

DeviceCount value: 1
DeviceCTL1 value: hw:0
DevicePCM1 value: stereo

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