[Wine] Re: Get the most out of wine ??

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 9 16:31:13 CST 2011

m_zeid all those direct x instructions around the web need to have a scorched earth policy.   All instructions like that have been deleted from the wine wiki and appdb due to them not being worth while.

When developers did that Direct X did not work well at all.  Something broken badly that worked a little was better than nothing.

Basically you install Direct X in wine you end up with less support for applications not more. 

There are a few options in Winetricks to install particular libs of direct x that are compatible.

winetricks is an item to use lightly.   Yes some people get the idea more MS parts the better.  This is badly badly wrong.   Less MS parts the more stable the end result is.

Yes Wine can be preconfigured to a point.   Its not wine that brings you down here.   Windows applications lot of them don't like there hardware configuration changing under them.   Wine changes it hardware information it reports to applications based on what hardware it detects through Linux.  So you would have to do windows silent installers and the like.   Some applications fail in wine when changing wine versions due to wine reporting different hardware to when they installed after the update.  Known problem.

Basically planing a Linux disk.   Make it a Linux disk without Windows applications.   As soon as you start adding windows applications you are asking for trouble and complexity.   Wine also is heavy resource wise so not that suitable for Livecd usage.

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