[Wine] Re: Is this possible with wine?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 9 16:51:16 CST 2011

doh123 I am here to bring very bad news.

It it not possible to allow Windows programs to interact with X11 Windows properly.   Even using xming under windows there are behavior differences.   Either way is trouble.

X11 and Windows both use major-ally different ways of talking to applications.   If we list the windows we have to allow many things like Windows applications sending messages to X11 windows.

X11 to Windows applications it OK.   Windows applications to X11 does not work well at all.   Since Windows applications normally make presumes how the other application will process the data. 

Also its a secuirty thing.   Most viruses are on windows.   Yes there are many viruses these days that will run in wine.   So you would have to be making a very good case to allow wine to see out.

Basically if you want to see all windows of all running applications you have to ask X11.  Also there is a problem there as well.   X11 is a messy beast.   Windows ties application and windows into groups.   X11 does not.

xming under windows every window created by it owns to xming so you cannot see what application is behind the window in the first place.   So a program like yours under windows would terminate all X11 applications at once under windows.  Yes even under windows with xming or any other windows X11 server you have to talk X11 to proper control it.

rain really you need to redo the program native if you want to control things.

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