[Wine] Re: how to run XP drivers in Linux using WINE

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 9 17:25:44 CST 2011

pieterparker17.   The idea you are putting forwards sounds good in theory.

For real world practical problems.  You have to look no deeper than ndiswrapper.  It is used to run windows usb wireless drivers and others with Linux.   Now Linux kernel and Windows kernel design are incompatible in lots of key areas.   ndiswrapper causes higher power usage on Linux.   ndiswrapper driver can decide to write to a section of memory it should not so bring the complete system down. 

There are many ways to reverse drivers.    http://linuxconfau.blip.tv/file/4728865/  Some of the basics for a simple device are covered here in a fun way.

For your own built devices please consider using http://www.libusb.org/ makes life simpler.

Wine does not support auto loading of drivers.  Since auto loading of drivers under Linux is a core OS operation.  Not a place for wine to be messing.

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