[Wine] Re: importing XP drivers to Linux using Wine

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 06:55:47 CST 2011

> thanks for guidence. plz tell me what are the steps involve in it. how fake drive is added to wine ?  2ndly  can i import driver from xp to wine using any technique is exists ?what technique ?? i ddont know much about Linux OS but can manage it if some guide how to proceed . Thanks
> Regards

Problem is Xp driver in wine is worthless if Linux kernel is not sending data in it direction.    So basically no matter what you have to write a Linux  driver of some form or be able to use an existing driver of some form.  There is no magic way around this. 

Of course Linux does provide options.  cuse(char devices) and buse(block devices) interfaces for userspace code to be drivers.   libusb for talking to the usb device.   The driver to control usb has to be higher privilege than normal user.   So yes the driver for Linux could be coded completely Linux kernel neutral as a userspace driver in linux.  

Linux kernel controls the devices absolutely.   No magic exceptions something native at higher privilege than normal users would have to be picking up the data or it will never make it to wine.   Exceptions bring secuirty risks.

By the way its not recommend under any condition to run wine at a higher privilege than a normal user+ 2 extra options for network access.

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