[Wine] Re: Get the most out of wine ??

m_zeid wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 11:59:32 CST 2011

First I want to thank you all for your replies :)

DaVince wrote:
> Modifications aren't usually necessary unless something doesn't work (and even then, sometimes you don't need to modify anything in Wine itself after all).
> You can include Winetricks as it is just a script. It would not be wise to install everything that Winetricks offers into a single wineprefix as that would totally break Wine: stuff from Winetricks should be installed only as you need them and even then care should be taken.
> You could, however, install everything Winetricks has to offer, then remove the wineprefix so you have a clean installation, and all installers that winetricks has used will be available in ~/.cache/winetricks. That's useful in case you ever wish to install a Wine trick without an internet connection, or "for inclusion" as you mentioned.

It's a good idea to install to install Winetricks as a clean script and cache the tools offered, I think I'm gonna do it ,but how? is there any page that describes that?

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