[Wine] Wine sometime really surprise me

ioky wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 12:42:57 CST 2011

Software as Application, can always find a replacement. (Well most of the time) But Software as Games, there is good chance that you will never find a replacement. They are their own unique Art. (Classical games is another story, such as chess, and those "public domain") In order words, doesn't matter how old a game might be. it will not get obsolesce. 

When it come to "PC" Games. Windows really did a good job on retro games. they simply wouldn't work. Getting 98s games running in windows 7 is mostly impossible. But here come WINE. WINE really open up a "window" to Retro Games. A lot of great title that no long work on Windows are now work on Linux and other Platform with WINE. In Fact, some of them run ever faster then Windows.... 

But Again... Funny thing happens. you would assume OLD 2D should one perfectly on Wine, and Newer 3D games would have a harder time. It turns out "it is not necessary" true. After years of using WINE to Play "PC" Games on Linux. I find that. A lot of very nice 3D games, even not so well known title would run great under WINE. But some OLDER well known title. especially for those from Black Isle Studios, like fallout, Planescape: torment, and etc.... Wouldn't work so well. Giving the fact, they are develop by the same company, it might be something there. But these games do deserve a good attention. Giving the fact, that they are known as one of the greatest game ever made. 

I do understand, how well it things run is not just about the graphic. but I just find these a bit surprising.

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