[Wine] Re: Get the most out of wine ??

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 16:42:57 CST 2011


> So are you saying that installing that Direct X will not improve anything at all? and will damage Wine?

Exactly.  All it does these days is damage Wine means to run software.   Those old Direct X instruction need to disappear.  No one should do them any more.

Reason why for instructions try to stick to appdb.winehq.org and wiki.winehq.org and current messages in here.   Old out of date instructions are bad.

In fact dxdiag a version of wine is attempted to be written at the moment.  So basically ending off any temptation to install Direct X.  Normally MS Direct X will refuse to install because it complains about detecting newer version.  Yes newer version is correct.

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