[Wine] Re: Is this possible with wine?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 17:07:48 CST 2011

> Isn't it possible to create somehow proxy windows under wine.. I mean to create win 32 that has same titles, and sizes and so an but that are not visible for user (since everything runs in wine it should be possible to lie windows what ever you want).
> Idea Is that when proxy window under wine receives signal, wine would convert it for x11 and sent it to corresponding x11 window. And if something happens to x11 some signal/message. then wine would convert it to win32 format and make changes to win32 window.
> This way we can make windows application think it's communicating with with other win32 window, but actually it would communicate with x11.

Get this X11 and Win32 window protocols are incompatible.   The conversion code would be large and slow.   Slower than network connecting to the local X11 server.  Due to being large most likely buggy.

Basically even if you managed to get win32 program to think an x11 window as win32 you will be paying a very high price performance wise and with possible bugs.   There is no real valid reason todo this.

Not that Linux is lacking means to be remotely controlled it has tones of options native.

> Offtopic: is there way to use tcp/udp funcs to communicate with x11?

Yes X11 is a remote supporting desktop system.   And that is what I was talking about using as a stop gap.   Local direct memory operations are faster.   Way faster but need the native X11 libs exposed.

xming and other X11 solutions for windows libraries could be used to talk to the native Linux X11 server using tcp/udp.  So getting around problem with a lighter performance hit than the other way.

Due to what X11 supports there is no valid reason to convert the X11 applications window information to win32.  It really should not be required ever unless someone is to lazy to try other solutions or fix up there code.

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