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Thu Mar 10 22:56:59 CST 2011

Hi, This is my first ever post on Wine Forum after using Wine for almost a year and found many Program to be run at very good stability and speed but  there are thousands of people who want to use CorelDraw in Ubuntu but find no solution after working this for almost 6 Months I found a way to work in CorelDraw in Ubuntu OS (I alway use Ubuntu and Love It!) you might be thinking that you already know this but I give you a step by step guide.

1. Download CorelDraw X3 Portable Edition (I will not provide any downloading  link so do not ask for that)
2. After Download complete import any reg file for that open a terminal type wine "regedit" and then Import the reg file.
3. Install MSXML (all available versions)  with Wine Tricks.
4. Install VB (all available versions) with Wine Tricks.
5. Install VC2005 and other versions with Wine Tricks.
6. Install all the fonts you want to use.
7. Open CorelDraw.exe
8. You see a new Documents is open now when you typing any thing text is not viewable this is biggest bug I found but I have some solutions
(a) View in Wireframe mode than text can be viewable.
(b) Set text as Italic then it will be viewable.
(c) Best ways is Give the text outline (set white outline with behind fill for default artistic text then it will be show as normal text.) now do your corrections or typing in wireframe mode and after typing complete change to enhance mode and text is viewable normally.
(d) Now  how to open a file small files can be open directly but do not open big files (with lots of bitmaps and color fill) directly then it will give a error "bad file format" and thousand of windows open and CorelDraw Stop working". for opening any big files create a new document and Import the file in documents file will be imported instantly (depends on your computer's config and file size) if it have multiple pages all pages will be imported at once so it just like opening a file thaN save this file with same file name you might required to overwrite previous file.
(e) Most of the option I tried ha been working.

If you like my post reply me so I can work more on that and also try to run other software in Wine I am a big fan of Ubuntu.


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