[Wine] Fincon on wine with system user

Bloodmaster wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 11 06:17:09 CST 2011

Good day to all.

I have a very frustrating problem because i think i know what the problem is but i dont know how to resolve it.I am completely new to Linux overall i have been a long time windows user.

But i am getting anti windows by the day because i am starting to love Ubuntu more and more.Now let me first tell you what i have.

Client:Ubuntu 10.10 32bit
Server:Ubuntu 10.10 64bit (Windows Xp in virtualbox running in headless mode)

Now for the problem that i have.
Our company makes use of an accounting app called Fincon this fincon app has a server side and client side there is also no linux vesion for this app.

The client app communicates to the server via 2 diffrent port numbers and then reads the files that must be shared by the server.When this app communicates to the server it does as the windows "SYSTEM" user.The app is able to run on wine but the problem comes when trying to communicate with the server and i know it all has to do with file permissions because the program would give an error saying that it cant access the database files which is in a dbf format.The reason i know for a fact its the permissions because i had this exact problem on a windows pc and it was because the shared folder only had the "SYSTEM" user for read access and not write.

The folder on the server is correctly shared with the right permissions because i have about just over 20 users running windows 7 thats able to work on the program with no problems at all.

I did go through the wine manual and saw that i have to mount the share first which i did with smbfs and with dir_mode=0777 and file_mode=0777 and if i go to the mount point i am able to create files within which means i have write access.

I have also pointed the program to look on a local drive in winecfg but that does not work with this app because in its fincon.cfg if you specify a local path it will look for the server app on the same path meaning the same computer.

So i need to point it to the absolute network path and what i think is the problem is that the "SYSTEM" user it uses does not have the permissions but i dont know how wine handles network communications it might be that it completely passes it on to ubuntu so it even might not be a wine problem but i am not sure.

Please i would appreciate anyone's input i have no idea what to try next.

Thank you for taking your time to read my problem.

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