[Wine] Couple wine development questions

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Fri Mar 11 09:30:55 CST 2011

On 2011-03-11 (March, Friday) 14:49:15 ischou wrote:
> Well, my problem is not exactly that my computer is noisy (though it can be
> at times), but that it seems noisier when I'm running programs in Wine
> than native XP

	As I explained this may be a good thing. But to know for sure you need to 
measure temperatures during same high load lasting at least 20-30 minutes in 
both Windows and Linux. "Same high load" means ideally using same application 
for testing in both Windows and Linux. "Personal perception" is  very 
inaccurate, you can't rely on it enough to make any conclusion in this case.
	Example: running simple command like "yes &> /dev/null&" as much times as 
you have CPU cores may heat CPU noticeably more than real-world application 
that fully uses all cores, this is why similarity of high load is important: 
different kinds of load will heat components of your computer differently, even 
if total percentage of CPU usage in top for each load measures exactly the 

> my original question is whether Wine CPU usage can be
> selectively/temporarily throttled back by using tricks/hacks like
> minimizing the window.

	Well, I already answered this question ("yes, sometimes it can be"). But I 
can give you detailed answer: yes, sometimes minimizing application's window or 
going to another desktop can bring down CPU usage if your program uses CPU a 
lot for drawing GUI in its window (like Metatrader 4 when online with a lot of 
graphs on the screen). But please understand that some inefficients in Wine can 
lead to higher CPU usage than on Windows. Reverse is also true: sometimes Wine 
is more efficient than Windows and will use less CPU. Only way to know for sure 
is to profile your application on Windows and Linix+Wine carefully on exactly 
same hardware. If you find noticeable inefficiency in specific Wine function you 
can report a bug. But if you satisfied with performance of your application you 
really shouldn't bother about this, simply use recommendations I already gave 
to you to make your computer less noisy.

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