[Wine] Installing a software with licence on wine

janluc66 at libero.it janluc66 at libero.it
Sun Mar 13 03:29:35 CDT 2011


I have a tool running on windows with a particular caracteristic:
after the installation at the first run he prompt a code depending on the HD 
serial (ex. AD23451F90BB36A8),
I send that number to the software house and they send me back the licence 
after the payment .
Unfortunately the tool installed on wine is not able to read the HD serial 
number ,he prompt the message " impossible to read the sistem information",
after pressing "ok" he closes.
I checked the configuration in wine, it seems to be possible to write the 
serial number of drive C , but after writing 5LY6Y26D and pressing ok ,I go 
back to check the serial and I see 0, if I write 12345678 the number remain but
 the tool still not be able to read that number too.
Someone had the same problem?

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