[Wine] Re: Trying to get program to work but no error messages

hitokiri wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 13 23:04:32 CDT 2011

filthyhaxor at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm having a the same issue. There are some additional notes:
> wine-1.3.15
> video drivers from nvidia
> I installed it under an XP vm and noticed that the installer (when installed through wine) doesn't install all of the files. For example ClientLauncher.exe wasn't installed.
> I've copied the files from my XP vm to wine. The Laucher.ui.exe doesn't work (so patching will not work), however the ClientLauncher.exe does work, allows you to log in and select a server. This brings the next issue (which I can't get any logs for yet), the client times out trying to retrieve character information and that logs you back out.
> Will try and post more if I find anything out.

I tried installing it in a Win 7 VM and I also noticed the same thing, that it doesn't install all files under wine.  I also copied the files over to the wine directory, but none of the .exes will work for me still.  I would say that it probably times out because you can't patch it, most games I have played won't let you connect or won't load completely if the game isn't patched.

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