[Wine] Wine' s Faces - Toolkit for Wine multi-user and multi-prefix

Emerson Esteves enssso at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 16:33:35 CDT 2011

Sorry my English. I need to do an English course... I used google
translator to not be so bad for you read this.

I created this tool for my personal use. I started to create this tool
in 2009. It has helped me and my son to play games in wine. This tool
is all written in bash.


For this tool I called Wine's Faces. The intention is to facilitate
access to programs that wine already has.

Here are the most interesting features that Wine's Faces offers:

- Access to applications in wine via the KDE menu and maybe via Gnome
menu (I have not tested), I should work on menus based on
- Availability of a single set of wine environments (WINEPREFIX) for
all desktop users.
- Creation, excluding wine environments.
- Modification of environments via menu (tools: winecfg, Winefile,
winetricks, regedit, control, etc.)
- Automatic mounting of ISO if necessary to install or run programs
- Automatic creation of shell scripting for users (in ~/bin directory)
to run in a terminal programs installed in wine
- Reconstruction of all menus on wine after creating or deleting a
wine environment, or when you want to rebuild.
- Release Management Wine downloading, compiling and installing
half-automatic. Setting Wine version for each environment or all
environments and the exclusion of everything version via menu.

Video with menus

Unfortunately the translation from Portuguese into English is not yet
fully complete. It is translated into English approximately 90% of

I've faced a disadvantage: for multi-user function use sudo to run the
programs via wine, so any user with access to that user sudo to run
any programs in wine. So when you use MS Word for example my documents
can only be saved in the home directory of another user (user who runs
the wine).

To test the wine's faces do:
- a single-user installation. First, read readme.txt
- create a new user
- logon with this user
- run 'winesFacesInstall.sh' with this user.

Thus the installation is only for that user. To install on multi-user
mode just turn the winesFacesInstall.sh as root.

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