[Wine] Re: Autocad 2011 instalation is breaking up

gesaugen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 16 03:51:50 CDT 2011

gesaugen wrote:
> > babos at laptop:~$ cd /
> > babos at laptop:/$ cd /home/babos/AutoCAD\ 2006
> > 
> What happens when you try to install from the original cd?

yes, it was problem with copied files [Embarassed] 
I've sucseeded to install Autocad and to run it, and now I have standard problems with how to activate it because an actiovation screen is white...

also, acad runs very unreliable: first run it crashes and gives me error. second time it runs ok but with little graphic problems like cursor blinking when it moves and floating menus not displaying correctly... it seams like it has some kind of rendering problem?
but as program itself, it works... i would give it a pass

and one more thing: I've tryed to install gecko msxml3 & firefox3 like dude has done here:

but I get error that it cant be installed... I'm trying to install them via winetricks menu from applications, not via command line...

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