[Wine] Re: Winamp "send to" menu is missing

tauro wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 16 13:19:09 CDT 2011

Hi, thanks for trying to help.

I just installed Wine version 1.3.15 and there's no change at all. The program works ok (as well as it did under the 1.2.2 version) but the option I need is missing. It is strange, because I don't get an error or anything, it is like this "send to" option, or the format converter, had never existed.

Maybe there is some system files missing on wine that prevent this complementary options to be installed when Winamp is installed? Or some Microsoft program that would allow this option to be shown?

Darn! And in the Winamp forums I got told this:

> most likely Winamp is using an api (or api's) which wine doesn't fully implement leading to the issue you're seeing

But I still don't understand it. The program shows its right-click menu on a playlist item. The menu shows many items, but not this one (send to). So I don't get it.

Shouldn't this item "send to" be present and don't work if it was a compatibility problem? rather than to be completely non-existent?

I hope I made myself clear and somebody has anything helpful to say.

Thank you very much guys

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