[Wine] R: R: Re: Installing a software with licence on wine

janluc66 at libero.it janluc66 at libero.it
Wed Mar 16 15:20:32 CDT 2011

The tool read the HD serial trough a low level routine inside the exe file, I 
need something that simulate that process on wine.
Do you know if some people had similar problems with other licensed softwares?

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>janluc66 at libero.it wrote:
>> serial number of drive C , but after writing 5LY6Y26D and pressing ok ,I go 
back to check the serial and I see 0
>"5LY6Y26D" is invalid serial number. We are talking about partition serial 
number, which only be number, not HDD serial number.
>Depending on how your application trying to get HDD's serial number it might 
or might not work. Wine does not support WMI, so that method won't work. If you 
application looking inside registry - same thing, won't find anything. But if 
it tries to use some iocpls directly to the device, then those might work, 
assuming you do have rights to access your raw drive.

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