[Wine] Re: Slow printing buffer.

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 16 21:36:01 CDT 2011

isaac wrote:
> Right now I'm running the latest version of Wine 1.3+ with wine tricks and everything else the ppa offers that all MS Office applications require to run with out crashing.

Office 2007 doesn't require any winetricks to install or run. If you've installed any, that could well be the cause of your problem. Reinstall to a clean wineprefix (no winetricks, nothing else installed). After installing, set riched20 to native and usp10 to native, builtin; there is no need to install either with winetricks, as Office installs its own version of these dlls. 

> Here's what happens:
> 1. I initiate the print.
> 2. Microsoft word takes roughly 3 minutes per page to print.
> 3. Nothing is printed until Word says that all pages have been printed (Might be a clue) 

I have Word 2007 installed, and it does not take 3 minutes per page to print.

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