[Wine] Re: C: drive does not open

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 17 06:58:42 CDT 2011

finnipinni wrote:
> Trying to Browse C: drive from menu - nothing happens.
> On right click menu/edit menu/wine/browse C: drive/properties - command row : .wine/dosdevices/c: 

Plain Wine doesn't add any such menu item; it's added by your distro to their packages. If it doesn't work, report the problem to your distro.

> Nothing seems to open my c: drive.
> Terminalcodes I have tried results in "no such file" or simular.

What exactly have you entered in the terminal? Assuming you're using the default wineprefix it should be

cd ~/.wine/drive_c

Or just set your file manager to show hidden files and browse .wine/drive_c like you would any other directory.

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