[Wine] New winetricks 20110317: two more games, some Dragon Age: Origins bugfixes

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Mar 18 00:29:13 CDT 2011

Another week, another Winetricks.

Version 20110317 supports two more games:
    cojbib_demo "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Demo" (2009)
    luxor_ar "Luxor Amun Rising" (2006)
and fixes a few bugs in Dragon Age: Origins.

For bug tracker, mailing lists, and wiki, see
In particular,
has screencasts demonstrating winetricks installing a few games, e.g.
    Bioshock Demo, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLUtYVUTEmo

Download url:


logging: use file instead of WINETRICKS_STATS_BREADCRUMBS, since we
need it to escape the subshell
dragonage: warn user about need to kill launcher after each run.
dragonage: tell user much more about bug 26459.
w_mount: fix cleanup if user cancels iso caching.  Add progress
indicator (zenity only).
dragonage: Fixed non-silent install, added workaround for bug 26459,
which only affects non-cached case
luxor_ar: new verb
When reporting stats, don't mush the verbs together.
Don't update winetricks.log in wrong wineprefix.  Also, add info about
worked around bugs to log.
dragonage: update workarounds to actually change DragonAge.ini for
user, remove two questionable ones for now
cojbib_demo: new verb by Phil
w_download: abort nicly if neither curl nor wget are installed
Fix two places we tried to use a wineprefix on windows
bioshock_demo: warn user it will take about 30 seconds to unzip.
mfsxde, mfsx_demo: ported, updated, marked as broken, since those apps
hang now for me.
rct3deluxe: new verb.  No music or videos yet.  DRM broken on wine.

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