[Wine] Problem: Print to PDF using MS Office

David Shaw dj.shaw at btconnect.com
Sat Mar 19 18:41:33 CDT 2011

Not sure if it's relevant, as I don't use cups-pdf with programs running 
under wine, but when I *do* use cups-pdf, it automatically names the pdf 
and puts the file in ~/PDF without asking for any sort of confirmation.


David Shaw

On 19/03/11 23:34, rjlapham wrote:
> I've downloaded and installed Microsoft's WordView to
> display .doc and .docx files using Wine.  To convert them to .pdf files, I
> downloaded and installed cups-pdf so I can "print" .pdf files.
> "PDF" now appears as a printer in WordView running under Wine, but when I
> "print" to it, nothing shows up in Print Status.  "PDF" also shows up in my
> other Windows apps (including Notepad) and doesn't work either.
> To make sure the problem's not cups-pdf, I printed to "PDF" from kate.  The
> job showed up in Print Status and created a .pdf file in /home/jerry/PDF.
> What else can I do?

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