[Wine] Trying to get IE onto my MacBook

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 21:07:57 CDT 2011

On 3/17/11 4:22 PM, Hiker wrote:
> MacBook OS X 10.4.11 - Sorry, I'm pretty much one of the peasants when it comes to some of this; need to use Internet Explorer and Excel (required for work) on my MacBook; have been trying to learn how to do this -- short of keeping Mr. Gates wealthy; my understanding (correct?incorrect?) is that one way to manage this is to load Wine onto the Mac, and then I can load in the two MS programs.
You did not say one critical thing:  What kind of MacBook are you 
running.  I have a PowerBook G4 and that will NOT run Windows programs 
(different CPU type).
> > From researching the www, I've concluded (rightly?wrongly?) that I need the following:
> Have downloaded Wine 1.4.4 (sourceforge); now in my Applications
No such program exists.  Wine is up to 1.2.2 for the 'stable' version 
and 1.3.16 for the 'development' version.

> Have downloaded WineBottler; now in my Apps (what's the difference?  are both necessary?  does one do everything?)
WineBottler is produced by a third party and is not supported by anyone 
other than its creator, Mike Kronenberg.

> Also downloaded Darwine ppc-0.9.27; do I need this? what does it do?
Unless you are running a PowerPC (G3/4/5 system) you don't need it and 
can put the download in the Trash.

> Have MS Internet Explorer 8 in; won't open, though; ??
It will NOT work with Wine, yet.  Even the warnings for winetricks say 
this  (btw, you did install IE8 using winetricks correct?)

> Have OpenOffice loaded in previously; now when I attempt to open IE the Xterm for W Window Systems (X11 1.1.3 - XFree86 4.4.0) opens (which always opens before OO opens), but IE doesn't follow....?
OpenOffice.org does not need IE to access the Internet.

> When I click on WineBottler (Applications) it opens Manage Prefixes, which lists only MS IE 8, but doesn't give any indication I can translate about the do with this info/screen/dialog ... ?
> Have mseinstall.exe, which I downloaded, understanding from the www.site that it would work on the Mac; clicking on that results in X11 opening again, along with Wine Install "Prefix creation aborted" + a Wine Files_Install.log, which tells me that "No such file or directory  Task returned with status 127" + a Console Log which seems to say that it's attempting a www connection to a particular address and failing (which is curious, since I am already on-line, so why is it trying to go elsewhere?  another well-hidden code not usually permitted to a peasant?).
> Don't now if all this info belongs here, but will try this first.  Thank you to any who can, in the midst of all your busy programming and whatever, give some direction.  Much appreciated.
First, throw away the mseinstall.exe file.
Second, install IE7 with winetricks (more information about winetricks 
is at http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks.  Please read the ENTIRE page 
before using.)
Third, what are you doing that requires you to have IE in the first 
place?  If you are running a Mac, most sites support either Safari or 
Firefox, use them first.
Forth, get Office 2011 for your Mac.  If it is an Intel Mac, that is.

James McKenzie

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