[Wine] Wine' s Faces - Toolkit for Wine multi-user and multi-prefix

Emerson Esteves enssso at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:10:19 CDT 2011


Really, I put the wrong link, follow the correct link to Wine's Faces source:

I shared with you this (source and video) two files in google docs.

The video link I accessed without problems (and without being logged
into google). This is on Google Docs as well, not put on Youtube. This
video is in the format ogv.

Dank, as I said I use it in my everyday life for some time and only
now decided to share with others. If wine users find the software
interesting will improve it, create a project, package for several
distributions, etc ... it will be nice.

2011/3/15 DanKegel <wineforum-user at winehq.org>:
> Hi Emerson,
> could you repost that google docs link?  I couldn't read it.
> (Or share that with me, dank at kegel.com.)
> Also, the youtube video didn't play here :-(
> Your script sounds kind of similar to the new winetricks, except yours compiles
> wine for users... why not just use the system packages?
> Also, the multiuser wineprefix stuff probably isn't safe.

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