[Wine] ShellExecute: how to open files with default application?

brace wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Mar 22 09:30:26 CDT 2011


I am trying my win32 app on wine. Everything works fine but I have a problem when opening a file.

For example I need to open with ShellExecute a test.txt file.

In this case I have no problems since it opens Windows Notepad.txt.

But in case I open a doc (MS Word Document) how can i do?

I mean imagine I have OpenOffice installed on my Ubuntu, do I need to install OpenOffice under Wine or is there a way to "map" the ShellExecute calls?

Something like:

1) in case of txt -> use notepad.exe (so from wine)
2) in case of doc -> use OpenOffice as installed on Ubuntu
3) in case of dwg -> use Autocad (from wine)

if this is not possible is it at least possible to always use the Ubuntu application? (so instead  of Notepad.exe use Gedit, ...)


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