[Wine] Installing Y's Felgana

Clessy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 23 12:05:35 CDT 2011

Hey everyone i'm having a world of issue trying to set this up.

Im running an Asus 901 
Ubuntu 10
2GB ram
Lastest stable version of wine. 1.3 or something like that

Checked the compatibility and it says its a platinum game.

Since the 901 has virtually no HDD space I have to install the game onto an SD card.

In  my configwine I have the SD card mounted as a windows drive.

I can get though the installer fine as long as I have wine setup to have a virtual desktop.

When going to execute any the yswin.exe or any of the exe files from the SD card wine never seems to launch.

I know this drive is setup fine because I can launch other files just by double clicking on them.

Do I need to install daemon tools and mount the iso of the game under the windows partition?

I tried just counting the cd drive as windows mounted drive and that didnt solve any tricks either.

Not having the best of luck with wine guys. Help me out.

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