[Wine] Re: fixmes and errs

slord wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 23 15:49:12 CDT 2011


Thanks for the link.  I did run across some similar postings -- but did not see the whole thread.  I have installed many of the same things mentioned there -- none seem to make a difference.  Its is hard or me to be sure now without starting from scratch.

winetricks vcrun2005, did help.

I do think it nearly works.  I am just not getting anything written to the output file. 

So there are 2 programs
1.  create a user   http://pastebin.com/AqHT9i0Q
2.  process a file   http://pastebin.com/x1E3YbuC

#1 seems to work, I assumed it was not because of all of the errors and since it never returned to the command line prompt

I have included a log for #2 now.  It also has same problem of not returning to command prompt.   #2 runs and uses significant CPU resources for a period of time -- but it produces an empty output file (file is created in pwd  but is of size=0)

I am using wine-1.3.15 on Ubuntu 10.04.  My test server is running in a VM.

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