[Wine] New winetricks 20110324: fix mac bug, new option --force, new verbs wglgears, hordesoforcs2_demo, experimental steam support

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Mar 24 09:06:32 CDT 2011

Another week, another winetricks.  (A bit early because of the macosx fix.)


Fixes install check on macosx; many other small bugfixes and updates, too.

For vineyard compatibility, don't explode if a wineprefix has spaces
in the subdir name.

New option --force for when you want to override the dependency check

Experimental support for Steam games, see new verbs
alienswarm_steam, borderlands_steam, ruse_demo_steam,
supermeatboy_steam, wormsrealoaded_demo_steam
(It's a bit awkward yet, as you have to set W_STEAM_ID and
W_STEAM_PASSWORD before running; we'll add a nice prompt for that

New game:

New benchmark (wglgears is not a benchmark):

For bug tracker, mailing lists, and wiki, see

Download url:
Immutable download url:

Changes since version 20110318:
alienswarm_steam, borderlands_steam, supermeatboy_steam: fixed typo
that disabled install check
Avoid test -a, use symbolic signal names with trap.  Fixes last bit of bug 3.
Don't explode if user creates a wineprefix in
~/.local/share/wineprefixes with a space in the directory name
hordesoforcs2_demo: ported, made it work here, simplified.
dc2ba_demo: updated sha1sum
Fix a few places W_PREFIXES_ROOT wasn't quoted.
winetricks: also extract x3daudio*dll in xact (patch by Austin English)
Replace echo -n with printf %s to partially address issue 3.  Should
get script working on macosx again.
Update a few URLs to avoid redirects.  Also remove spurious mkdir from
wglgears: new verb
Added assertions to verify that installed_{file,exe}1 in metadata are
windows paths with forward slashes, not unix paths
wm9codecs: used without w_call from wmp9, so have to download to
explicit location
fontxplorer: updated url to avoid redirection
nfsshift_demo: updated url.  Patch by Phil.
7zip: use modern sf.net url
firefox4: identical to rc2
ruse_demo_steam: work around bug 22016 by turning off HDR
w_steam_safemode: added.  w_steam_install_game: call w_steam_safemode.
 This disables more notifications (and spam).
w_steam_install_game: streamline dialog for bug 22751, add workaround
for bug 22053
w_steam_install_game: remove commented out code
wmp9, wmp10: reset windows version back to default when done
mspaint: fixed install check
firefox4: update to rc2
flash: monthly update
ruse_demo_steam: needs wmp9, not xact?
flash: update version.  (We have to get better at checking this;
didn't notice this until a user reported a bug.)
Add --force option
Added a steam function and four verbs that use it.  Still a work in
progress, but the two free games install and work for me.
hon: update version.
guildwars: correct url slightly to avoid redirection.

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