[Wine] problems with photoshop cs 2 and filters from nik software

mightymattis wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 25 10:01:14 CDT 2011

I have a little problem with cs2 and filters from nik software(colour efex and silver efex) i linux mint 10 . when I installed the filters, who by the way works fine, cs2 started to hang when using any key like alt(I cant use the clone tool) or backslash. A message apear that says dll wrong format. after that another that says that an aplication library failed to load and that the product cannot countinue, when I press ok cs 2 closes down. As long as I dont use any keys cs2 and the filter work just fine. I wonder if there is any way around this cause I really like silver efex but I need the option to use the keys. Tanks in advance!

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