[Wine] Star Trek Bridge Commander

GinjaNinja wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 25 18:52:16 CDT 2011

Hello all  :D 

I've managed to get Wineskin Windery all set up, and I've added the engine, then created a new wrapper, and installed the game from an .exe file but after playing it for abit I went to start it up again by double clicking on the wrapper i created for it and wineskin pops up with the options to 'Install windows software' 'Set screen options' and 'Advanced' so do I have to reinstall it every time? O_o 

Im not sure how it all works if im honest, Im new to it all but Ive managed to work out how to do the install and everything in the matter of an hour without the manuals :D but any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance  :D

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