[Wine] Wine can't initialize OpenGL

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Fri Mar 25 21:20:43 CDT 2011

On 03/25/2011 09:04 PM, zorgoth wrote:
> My wine used to work fine - I'm using Lucid and wanted wine 3.16 because of a bug fix, and I figured the maverick debian would probably be fine, and I installed it, and OpenGL suddenly didn't work.  So I used "completely remove" in Synaptic to uninstall the maverick version of wine and went back to the lucid 3.15 version, and it still didn't work.  I replaced everything in my .wine directory except Program Files (which is 80GB and would be impossible to fully replace).  I have repeated this several times and restarted my computer several times as well, and it doesn't help.
> This is the message I always get when I try to run a game:
> err:wgl:X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo  couldn't initialize OpenGL, expect problems

Uninstall then reinstall your video driver, even if it's with the same 
version. Many times a change to a wine version or to a linux kernel 
version will confuse the driver and a re-install fixes it.

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