[Wine] GMA 950 (945M) + Wine = Black Screen

yokobr wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 26 09:16:43 CDT 2011

Hey guys.
Well, i've installed a fresh install of ubuntu on my laptop (hp dv-6000). It runs linux 3D apps flawlessly, including while in compiz. But when i try to run a 3D app on wine, whatever it is, i get a black screen... but sound works well behind.
I've tryied Fifa 10, SW: Battlefront, F1 Challenge 99-02 and other i forgot.. damn, i can't remember. But whatever it was, any game, i get black screen, but i know it[ running by sound.. i can rear the mouse cursor changing menu options, etc.
Any help would be strongly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance!

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