[Wine] [Ubuntu 10.10/wine 1.3.16] Nonexistent printers in pulldown

rlindau wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 26 20:42:57 CDT 2011

The applications I run under wine (e.g., Quicken 2007, notepad) list "nonexistent" printers in their printer selection pulldown lists.  Of the eight or ten listed, only two are really configured on my system.  

It appears that the wine list contains residue from previous installations / deinstallations of printers, which I had done via the cups configuration tool (system-config-printer 1.2.3)

My cups config file shows just two printers, as does http://localhost:631/printers/.  My non-wine apps show just those two printers.  

Can someone point me to where wine finding the "bogus" printers?  If it's some editable source, can I just delete the entries there?

Thanks, Rob L

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